Religion: 0 Spirituality: 2

Here’s the difference between religion and spirituality.

Religion gives you a structure by which to consider your actions to be moral or not and if you pick a really lazy one, a system by which you can do whatever you want as long as you properly repent before you do it again.


Spirituality provides you with a morality of being in harmony with yourself and your environment, so you really don’t have to ever repent, because you don’t understand right from wrong and you actively avoid wrong and always seek to do less wrong or at least no harm.

Nina Tryggvason
Agoraphobic Philosopher
so here’s to all the christian bullies out there and a reminder to judge not lest ye be judged and you know what, you thinking your a wretch, doesn’t entitle you to make other people feel like they are, just because they aren’t into your kinky self torture in your abusive relationship with your absentee god.
and for all the other bullies who claim to beleive in karma. well, I am just happy that you are all about to or are working out yours, so I really hope that what you did or are doing to others, is what you needed to do in order work out your own karma.
so yay for bullies, being you is the best punishment ever and having to live with the consequences of your choices and how that makes you feel about you.
and celebrate me for being happy and thankful to all the bullies for teaching me how to really tell who my loved ones are.
The people who stuck by me and the newer friends who helped my recovery along the
I’ve had a lot of changes this year and all for the positive towards physical and mental health and well being. I don’t share everything that’s happened or happening, so I will leave you all with one more thought


4 thoughts on “Religion: 0 Spirituality: 2

  1. Hi Nina – I think there’s a strong chance you may be a little bit mental – but believe me that’s a compliment – it’s ‘normal’ people who are f*ing our world up! My love goes to anyone who uses a sentence like this one: just because they aren’t into your kinky self torture in your abusive relationship with your absentee god.
    Bless you 🙂 ROS

      • Diagnosasaurus? Diagnostications? Have you noticed diagnostic is either a cry (die, Agnostic), or two non-believers (di-agnostic). (Sorry, it’s late here!)
        It is a common pathos for me. To really see what the world needs one has to step outside of it. But then one is an outsider and no-one will listen to outsiders.
        So ‘mental’ is a compliment – it means outsider, which I think is latin for ‘seer of truth’, te hee

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