6 thoughts on “Second Thoughts – balancing self and others in consideration

    • No, Michael, I am not a social worker.

      I am a lesbian and a Canadian. We have a social safety net in Canada, and it’s full of holes.

      I have a long history as a grassroots social justice activist in Vancouver BC in the gay and lesbian as well as the women’s community on health matters.

      I also worked for 13 years in the Federal Government of Canada, where I was steeped in all kinds of rah rah Canada society values, so…….

      I am also a history and anthropology buff, so everything I think about goes through a lot of filters and analysis.

      After all, I just spent 13 years analyzing mass data and summarizing it for the government on a daily basis, so if I didn’t have that sort of understanding

      even though I am not a degree holding or particularly a subject matter expert in the working os social workers – which, I think, as an american you might be meaning social activists and self appointed do-gooders who start charity organizations

      and to me a social worker is a burned out civil service employee who can’t be civil anymore

      and I don’t want to be compared to that second kind, because that is too much like how my old office was where I was bullied and am now an agoraphobic.
      and really I dont

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