Living Well


supporting your support network is all about the quality of the friendship you have to draw on and the quality of the character of the person that you chose to get into relationship with.


thanking people who help you, makes everyone in the web stronger, happier and healthier.


not everything that old is old fashioned and not everything that’s old fashioned is wrong.


lots of things are the most elegant or romantic ever because they are from a different era with greater elegance and poetry, more passion for life and living than the greedy consumption of today or the self centredness.


so I thank everyone who helped me, because I really mean it. So people know when they are thanked in a meaningful way and it’s been a shock to me, just how many people need to hear a sincere and meaningful thank you for…

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Source of Inspiration

Walls and fences,
borders to guard.
I long for open
ranges filled with
wildlife free to roam.

Instead, we have covered
the earth with concrete and
asphalt, barbed fences, and
walls topped with razor wire.
Our houses are fortresses,
locked and alarmed. Miles
of highway and city blocks
have surveillance cameras that
watch us night and day. Micro
chips report where we go, what
we buy, even our illnesses.

Where are we headed?
Think carefully, my friend, do not
just nod your head in agreement,
and shrug your shoulders saying,
“What can we do?” Each of us can make
a difference right where we live. There
are billions of righteous people who must
stand together to create a life of
harmony with each other and with our
Mother Earth, who bears the scars of our
discord. Start today, think about what
you can do to make a change, get involved,

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gender as a description of a biological state of male or female as being the sum total of physical attributes

the characteristcs of maleness and femaleness is then entirelly cultural based determined by the expections places upon each gender and the treatment of those who do not conform physcially in the case of hermaphrodites or non-conformists in terms of behaviors

ie females that lean towards traditional or assumed male personality traits

or males who skew female

and that’s before getting into sexual orientation

because there’ butch and femmes in the gay community too from gym queens to twinks. …..