Gay and Straight – a needful but sometimes conflicted alliance

2 thoughts on “Gay and Straight – a needful but sometimes conflicted alliance

  1. honestly, im not sure about the ‘alliance’ type heading…. im a straight guy, im not ‘allied’ with the lesbian woman i work with…. shes just a friend and co-worker, not some political pawn….. when a male (hetero) friend of ours got married, a bunch of us hired a stripper for him…. the ladies party had a male stripper….. and she snuck from the ladies group to the guys group, just as a (gay) dude in our group snuck to their side….. everyone thought it was funny that everyone pretended not to notice…im really hoping to get where who you’re fucking is less important than who you are…. and every party should have strippers!

    • I agree, rune traveller, almost all of my friends are heterosexuals and we’re just people to each other.

      the problem is that because of the level of bullying, the language needs to be heighten to reinforce to people who need to hear it the most that there are allies and people will help, just because we’re all supposed to be good people at the end of the day.

      but the reality is, most people don’t help and it’s often their prejudices more than their sense of non-involment or worse, self protection.

      it’s important for anyone in a minority to know that not all in the majority are against them. so that makes us allies first and freinds second, depending on the nature of the relationship and quality of interactions that we have

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