Autism – is it about consciouness or alternative abilities or ….

the more people there are, the more mutations and the more diversity there is

humans have not stopped evolving
but we need to not allow artificial restrictions or government budgets to limit and hinder the fullest possible range of human experience and and behavioral spectrum


work and play well with others

Source of Inspiration

I read and signed
24 pages of unintelligible
legalize turning my house
over to the bank and joining
the growing crowd of America’s
homeless. Twenty-four pages
that never mentioned shattered
dreams, corrupt systems, children
tossed on the street. The pages
did not speak of the wealthy who
have multiple houses in various
play areas, of old people trying
to survive with little or no health
care. I did not see a word about
famine, war, terrorism, or greed.

I dutifully read, initialized and
signed in front of witnesses that
I agree, however unwillingly, for
the bank to take one more home. Yet,
I walked out of that room feeling a
sense of freedom as one more attachment
has fallen away, and another chuck of
peace fills its place.

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