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“If at first, you don’t succeed,
try, try again!” We all grew up
with these bits of wisdom that
we accepted as truth, never
questioning their validity. My
culture rewards perseverance,
hard work, unflagging determination
to succeed. But what if this is
wrong? What if setting goals and
pursuing them diligently is not
always wise? Ah, yes, I hear your
outcry, but what if we’ve been
fooled, enslaved by our own
willingness to obey without question?

What would happen if we refused overtime,
demanded six hour work days with a nap
in the middle, day care on site for our
children, flex time, job sharing,
maternity leave for both parents?

What if we refused to make throw-
away products that have planned inferiority,
put customer service and satisfaction
before profit?

Imagine schools that taught values instead
of facts, that eliminated competition in
the classroom and taught children to
work together…

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