3 thoughts on “Epic Fail Religion

  1. I think its time that belief in God not be labelled “Religion”. Religion is more of an “epidemic” ritual while belief in God is an individual choice.

    • religion is the formalized, ritualized and codified worship of a deity in accordance with a sacred text and managed by a hierarchy.

      spiritualism is more a contemplation of self and one’s place in the universe and being in harmony with what encounters in that process

      each way is a means to attempt to understand the universe and maybe touch on something divine

      but externally oriented searches and practices are not an effective means to do anything but hamper social and technological developments that better enable people to participate in spiritual quests

      • so true. to share an example, ancient vedic Hinduism had customs and rituals designed to create an ambiance that encouraged an inner spiritual exploration along with worship. The sanskrit mantras, shlokas and lighting the fire were some such methods. Unfortunately, with the advent of 15th AD, rituals changed and lost their spiritual significance. Also, the practice of Vedic Hinduism slowly transformed into Bhakti Hinduism.

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