I think we need a world government based on the Star Trek federation model

eliminate currency, ensure shelter and food security, education and everyone getting to participate at their highest and fullest possible level

it’s superstition, tradition and culturally reinforced class/caste systems that’s the problem

Source of Inspiration

There are many chilling stories of the New World Order past, present, and possible future deeds. Occult sexual and murder rituals, mind control, manipulation of world financial markets; the list of evil deeds seems endless. Do secret societies exist today that were started in ancient times? Or are these stories told to promote fear, to sell movies, to control the masses?

Then we have the other view which says, “All is One, Unity Through Diversity, world without borders, love and peace rule.”

In the book and movie series, “Left Behind,” it shows the “bad guys” taking over by pretending to be the “good guys,” including miracles to establish their mask among the multitude.

So, where does that leave us? Who can we believe? What is real and what is planted YouTube and Internet misinformation? “By their fruits, you shall know them,” say the Biblical scriptures, but if good deeds are…

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