Naturalism is natural

Fear arises from what is strange or unfamiliar to us

but there is no reason to fear differences and expecting differences, learning about them.

that’s the best way to deconstruct and dismantle the fear


no one group has all the answers nor does any one group represent the only path to find answers.

we are all on our own journey and path, and there 7 billion plus of us.


no one of us knows what’s best for all other other people.

2 thoughts on “Naturalism is natural

  1. If people could understand that, they wouldn’t try any more to impose their truth on others. Only the beliefs is an exclusive Truth bent on eliminating all others are themselves invalid and cannot be accepted.

    • well, that’s part of how you know it’s a healthy belief or not.

      religion spreads in ways that are compatible to viruses. in fact, there is even a correlation between the number of virus pathogens in a region and how many religions – which are all based in fear of contamination and obsessed with purity. and anyone who’s not a believer is deems the least pure. hence word or sword mentality.

      whereas, spirituality is harmonious with nature and accepting of a balance between what is clean and what is impure, it’s a balancing act to find the balance and ….. well. be a direct sort of wash as a more meaningful purity,

      because it is ….. sorry Bhaga, I am playing the Supremes showcase from the TAMI show from 1964 and it’s made me lose my thought.

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