Why No has to mean No as a public and legal policy

Even though, we all know that between consenting adults, that sometimes NO does mean try harder or try me later.
But rape is not about consenting adults, it is in fact specifically not consent.

not all rape is strangers grabbing someone. Most rape is by someone actually known to the victim and usually a person in a position of some form of authority over them.
On average, within the birth family a parent or older sibling. Often a family friend, neighbour or person dating into a family. Frequently, someone in a position of community trust – in school or within a religion’s hierarchy.

4 thoughts on “Why No has to mean No as a public and legal policy

    • Thank you, Bhaga

      while I have never been raped, it’s an issue that has affected almost every woman and a few men that I have been friends with in the sci fi organized fandom and the lesbian community.

  1. great post nina! doesn’t it seem ridiculous that such things are still being discussed! some people should not be allowed to bring in technicalities in such issues. the media should give a voice only to those who deserve it and not to idiots merely trying to make an ego driven point.

    • it is shocking how many people think it’s every justified and their own hatred and disrespect for women is appalling.

      funny how we never blame a victim of mugging for flaunting their assets.

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