Writer Chat 30 – Contests

What a difference web technology has made to the ability to share not only information but types of  information in a much more interesting and dynamic way



As a person who created and maintain a number of static HTML websites in Web 1.0

and now a blogger and essayist in Web 2.0


it’s amazing how much not only information we have to navigate, but how tech savvy we have to be and really, how socially capable we have to be to work and play well with others.



Nina’s Rules of Writering – Understand Subtext

I grew up in the 1970s watching American Hollywood cowboy and indian movies from the 1950’s; in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Canada.

In the 1970’s in Canada, the indigenous people finally won the right to vote in Federal and Provincial elections. So you can imagine perhaps the culturally charged atmosphere in which I lived while watching these historically biased and inaccurate films, while around me, these very inaccuracies were starting to be address and social changes were going on.

And for now, I am going to leave you all with just that thought. because I need to take some time to reflect and decide what if anything else that I would like to say on that subject or if I would like to take it another level of thought and expand on that. I will let you all know.

Enjoy your evening



Note: Yeah, I decided to not think about this for a while. so no more on this topic.

Disaster Preparedness is a Federal Responsibility and an International Concern

Climate refugees….. get used to start hearing that phrase if it doesn’t already strike a chill in your heart like it does mine.

Living Well

Not just being able to laugh at oneself, but also the nature and frequency – the range and variation of humour able to be expressed.


Because it’s not just about the ability to read and express emotions and limit social capablity to being able to merely respond in kind or in proportion.


But also the ability to display a complexity and nuances, a variety of behaviours and not come across as rigid or stiff and uncomfortable. Behavioral markers people should be paying attention to in their would be political, religious, workplace or social group leaders.


We know enough history and enough about behavioural psychology to be vigilant at the ballot boxes to ensure that the citizens will never need to be armed against the government.


and the measure of a civilization is not the technology or the complexity of production of wealth.


but in the…

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