4 thoughts on “Ponderables: Drake Equation

  1. great thought nina! I think the 2 civilizations survived this long not because they didn’t change, but because they changed within the limits of nature. Their changes were geared towards adapting to an ever changing nature and in it we can see their surrender to nature. There was never an attempt to change nature but always an attempt to change oneself.

    • I think we are talking about 2 different kinds of change.

      both India and China are culturally rich civilizations, but they were both very slow to create technological advances, they were basically steel age civilizations. being steeped in tradition limits the technological advances, because people are slow to adapt and change to anything

      it’s why western secular democratic nations are more materialistic, technology changes so fast and it’s more of a disposable consumer driven, life as an inventory contest rather than as something you experience in a multi generational context. and awaremess

      • to be honest, I do not think that porting the mechanize nature of western civilizations is at all a good thing.

        but the west certainly needs to be reminded that most white people live in the same way they critize others for doing – like multi-generationaly dynastic families are no different than warlords when you’re dealing with the wealthy

        but the poor and shrinking middle class are basically being forces to live in multi generational homes again. no one can make it on their own in this world anymore

        so it behooves us to share the best of ourselves individually and culturally with the rest of the worlds and embrace what’s best about everyone else.

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