Religion’s Favorite Atheist: Ayn Rand


I never understood the while inconsistency between placing value and reward on poverty, denial and suffering and the obessive compulsive hoarding of wealth and measuring your value in terms of what you can conquer or aquire relative to how much others aquire. Too zero sum a death march to my mind. annnndddd how that ever caught on in a materialist consumer driven society like America…….

In nations of extreme poverty, clinging to religion as your hope and comfort makes sense – as it does from a ruler point of view; as it keeps the poor from rising in revolt and viva la revolution and here comes Madam Guillotine.

So every one is technically getting what they think they need from the system they maintain the status quo of.

In any case, religion beleivers not following their Jesus’ guidelines, but the financial and ethical values of an atheist.


and not just any atheist – but a woman who is likely a self loathing lesbian who was a hypocrite about her stated values.



so how is it that your republicans are Christians and base their beliefs on the bible when they follow this woman?

how is it that they are christian when their financial policies and voting track records demonstrates nothing but contempt for other people?


clearly, these republicans are actually atheists hoarding as much wealth as they can for the one life that they know they are going to have – and at the expense of everyone else.


now I know historically that’s what christians have done – witch hunts, the spanish inquisition and the various crusades, including crusade 2.0 currently underway….

but if they are atheists pretending to be christian or mormon or whatever version – there’s over 37,000 different sub and inter related groups of christians, you’re not all the same, but you belong to the same basic category:


Abrahamic Religion: See Judaism, Christianity, Islam.

But even so, you make up a small portion of the entire globabl population of 7 billion plus people.


you just think you are the majority because where you live, you are dominated by one religion.

it’s the problem of being a melting pot – America


when you live in a multicultural society like Canada, where there’s many different religions that are more or less deemed equally valid as a lifestyle choice.


you understand things and society in a very different way and that’s how you get to be able to work and play well with others.


it’s when people push their religion into the conversation that society gets ugly.




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