medicinal or recreational = often same drug



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evil is craven indifference

Source of Inspiration

Are we evil? Did our Creator make some flaw within us? Indeed, what is evil and why does it exist? In the spiritually under-developed, self-gain is paramount. They take what they want with totally disregard for the well being other others, often causing grave harm, thus we label them “evil.”

Evil is the extreme opposite of Source, which is pure love energy. As the embryo soul is manifested, it receives the duality of choice in order to experience the most possibilities of life. Ultimately, it travels back to merge with Source in its pure love state.

As we move from various levels of self-gratification, even the extreme of evil, eventually we begin to perceive a desire, even a longing to be with our Creator. More and more we seek ways to root out the selfish aspect of ourselves and to bring forth that which reflects Source. Our lives are full…

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