Multiculturalism and Diversity between and within communities of individuals

Are my thoughts queer or is it just because I am that they are deemed so?

but you know, when you consider the calibre and force – the absolute truth of the words and assess the quality of thought


queer really becomes a value added to the thought


outsiders can better compete in the market place of ideas, because we’re not grabbing for the blandest most mass appeal words to say and really, the volume of lies and distortions, the public political process has lost all sense of truth or morality and is invested in complete imaginary replacement of anything that resembles reality.

but the public beleives it and it becomes real in a sense after a while


because people are really unwilling to find out about things that they don’t know about.


and really, if you had any courage or conviction or genunine beleif in what you beleive; then information that contradicts it shouldn’t be a threat to you to the point of corrupting the education of the poplation or engaging in so many lies to obtain power.
in total contradiction of your stated values that you say qualify you for office.


well, the only criteria for office is being willing to sell out to the highest bidder

and that means that you have no morals to sell out.


NASA – history and pop culturally – context to conspiracies

Living Well

That was an actual question posed to me in an interview for a Security Officer position at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in September 2008.


But I was not asked the question in the same manner as anyone else who interviewed for that same position.

Putting aside that this was the third time in 4 years that I had applied for the position, because people didn’t stay in it for much more than a year. because that was just how much I wanted the job. I kept trying to get this specific one, because I thought it was one I could retire from and those types of jobs, rarely came up inside the government.

I worked within the Federal Government of Canada for 13 years and I think at a record seven departments. Most people are hired and retire from the same one department, often in the same…

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