In memorium, Gus Tryggvason



Gus Tryggvason, Revenue Canada Investigator, Business Developer talks about the transition from the public to the private sector.

Filmed in 1991, about six months before he died from stress and diabetic related heart attack on Jan 6, 1992.

Uncle Gus did me a wonderful favour to play the villain in my film school documentary, Homefront.

And I am really glad that I saved the entire interview with my uncle, because there are really times in your life when there are specific people that you need to talk to from time to time. Sometimes you can only do that in memory.



Homefront – the documentary 1992 Vancouver film school;



4 thoughts on “In memorium, Gus Tryggvason

  1. Nice to come to know a little your Uncle Gus…
    Hi, Uncle Gus’ spirit, wherever you are by now, it was nice to meet you the way you were in that lifetime… Perhaps you have already reincarnated and are again busy like your warrior niece, doing your best to improve this world!

  2. I wish so much the world would be already better, and human beings everywhere would have at least proper food and home… But even just with those living here in Auroville as Aurovilians we haven’t achieved yet this so simple, so basic goal… How terrible.

    • Food and shelter security is the biggest global threat to peace.

      With so many people already displaced by internal or cross border wars, like imaginary boundaries somehow make the conflict worse …… or as my 9 year old roommate would say – even worse, legit………..

      I just shake my head at the natural disaster news and think “climate refugees”

      with the recent events in Auroville, you get that totally, Bhaga.

      It’s frustrating for me as a professional emergency preparedness and business resumption federal government employee to be not contributing my knowledge and experience out in the field where it could be making a substantial difference of life or death and certainly quality of life.

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