Equality is the measure of freedoms in a society

the ability for everyone to economically participate and have security of shelter and food is also the minimum measurables for a healthy society.


Education, health care, economic paripication, crime rates, life expectancy – these are all measures of the value of the civilzation


not how many or few people qualify to be in the wealthy elite.


history shows what happens when the rich get too rich and the poor have no other options.


we look for napoleons and too often, end up with hitlers.

Scalablity is the hallmark of the big picture thinkers

Well, this was a church group within the Christian religion, it was not a start up cult.
So the cult label is not entirely correct to apply to the People’s Temple.

A personality cult to be sure, which is what the American christian tradition is largely about, personality cults into mega churches. Jim Jones pioneered using his congregations as insta-crowds for politicians, that’s how he got so government protected and influential.

that plus he has CIA connections. so it’s certainly something that still needs serious investigation, not the least of which is to ensure people are educated enough to be able to counteract any future would be Jones from having that kind of control over people.

I did a paper on Jim Jones and Charles Manson for an anthropology class in college. Every now and then, the recordings that I heard that were made of Jone’s nightly brainwashing sessions, still haunt me and the sound of his laughter is almost as sinister to me as it remains for the few survivors who spoke at the recent anniversary events and documentaries.

Source of Inspiration

A cult is a group that
others have not bothered
to understand. What else do
we dismiss with
blinders of arrogance?

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