2 thoughts on “People before Profits or Prophets

  1. I see Mitt Romneys all around us…they work in investment banks, insurance companies, real estate, everywhere. People out there to get your money. period. So I think it is unfair to attack Romney’s past that is linked to Bain. He did what any professional in Wall Street or several consulting companies is expected to do. If his money making tactics disqualify him from becoming a president, then every investment bank must be shut down, all those working in insurance and financial services companies must be denied the right to live. If our laws allow making profits out of collapsing companies then it is legal and legit! One may not agree with it, but one has to either change the laws or live with it.
    The right way to attack is the one that focuses on his policies and promises and not his money making tactics. If Mitt Romney has a dark side, then I am pretty sure that 90% of us have a dark side too and that is no reason to boycott us.

    • The problem is not that he made money as a businessman

      but that he thinks his business tactics,such as creating jobs in China rather than rebuild the American economy – after all who is left capable of being a consumer in a consumer society that is increasing the distance between the haves and the have nots

      and that as a person who wants to be leader of America, why doe he have all her money outside of the US economy.

      that’s not very moral nor does it indicate any understanding of the global economy, which as a businessman, his role is to milk it, but as president, that’s not what the job is.

      and the real question about Romney really is – does he have a light side?

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