what I want to know is why is it always aliens for non-european cultures

honestly, motivation for beleifs are not that hard to figure out

the real problem with many science documentaries is the catering that they do to coddle religion sensibilities

to have lines like “when Jesus walked the earth” when the documentary is about South American or North American contents or anyplace not in the middle east – why are they even bringing christianity into it? it has nothing to do about the culture being looked at

and it’s historically inaccurate as well, given what all we do know – and we know a lot. beacuse Romans and Eygpt were sophisticated civil service driven societies that documented everything.

so we know free citizens built the pyramids – so no Jewish slaves there

we know Nazareth was a Roman Spa village in the 3rd century

and we know that the Romans never conducted a census of any population because the math wasn’t invented yet, it wasn’t until the 17th century that there was a population census, so King James had that added to the bible stories so his populution would submit to it.

remember, before Guttenberg, no one could read the bible but priests and really even they were barely literate.

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