I couldn’t have said this better myself.

thank you for articulating this, Pat

Source of Inspiration

Back in the “olden days,” we had a black phone with a rotary dial. Our phone line was shared by seven other families, each with its own distinct ring. If you picked up the receiver to make a call and heard someone talking, courtesy dictated that you gently hang up. The other people could hear the click of you online so knew to wait to say something private while you were online.

Of course, in reality, we often joined in the conversation (thus the term, “party line,”) with or without invitation. In our tiny town, we knew everybody and most were kin. The telephone served many roles of connection in the community, bringing an array of “good and bad” news. Now we have the Internet, multiple cell phones, Skype, etc. and one would think, better communication, yet this is not so.

We so often fail to communicate from the heart…

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