constant exposure does desensitize you

I say that as a person who’s been a gamer since the mid 1980s

playing games in the 4 then 8 colour gaming world was a very different experience from the more immerse near life like game experience that really.

our brains do not distinguish between reality and fiction, and we physically respond to stimulae whether it’s real or fantasy, it’s why we like horror movies, to get a thrill in a socially acceptable way

and maybe that’s the real problem

why is violence so acceptable, when very few people really want to experience the reality of it on a daily or regular basis.

Source of Inspiration

Online Headline
Violent computer games can be GOOD for you: They increase your tolerance to pain by up to 65%


Choose carefully what food fills your mind. Movies, computers games, music, books filled with violence, darkness and crime pollute to the depths of the soul. Listen well to that which inspires, lifts you up, teaches you how to love. If we fill our minds with darkness, only darkness can come from that well.

Shifting realities have no line of demarcation for what is real and what is fantasy. Why do you enjoy watching pain and death? Make-believe is more than make-believe. Choose wisely, Dear Ones, for the further you step into the Darkness, the harder it is for you to return.


When I did a search on the affect of violence in computer games and movies, I found an amazing array of controversy. Here is one that is…

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