Rape is an Epic Fail and never legit

Mostly, this is because of religions that say sex is bad.

people deny themselves, get all messed up over sex and develop pyschotic control freak attitudes about it.

sex is both physically and mentally healthy for you. masturbation is the ultimate safe sex.
but the energy and intimacy between two or more people, as per your preferences and legitmate access to. Including whether you’re really in an open relationship or not…

well, that’s really only the business of the people invited and no one else is entitled to force their values or opnions into laws that other people have to abide by.

the ability to chose what do do with and to and in our bodies is to each of us individually.

personal sovereignty. it’s what secular democracy is all about.

any one who seeks to control the personal behaviours of others, is substantially, but not technically breaking the law. although, it is a fun legal what if scenario to play with.

something to blog about later, dear readers.



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