riffin – from the draft archive

the gospel of Elvis

Religion seeks to control you
by making you think that you deserve to feel bad for something you’ve done

to make sure you feel bad about something you’ve done
religion picks on sex and sexuality

everyone feels sexual, you can’t escape it, it’s on your mind


That you deserve sex is the highest form of self-love
self-love is masturbation
enlightenedlove is a an opposite gender couple

perpetual enlightenment heightened self love is a same gender couple

mother issues – SM self imposed punishment – lesbian is the safe word

to change from insanity to sanity

you have to forgive yourself, let go of the anger

that you have towards yourself for things that you did and didn’t do
for things that you think that you’ve done or failed to do

do not take on more responsibility or guilt or blame

than what is appropriate to what you have actually done

if you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t

then the only outcome of doomed to fail is to succeed

at some level of magnitude, since nothing ever works out how it is expected to, including failure

the path between; pick the path, each will have it’s own sphere of influence

in terms of a position, it’s regulating an interface

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