Funny the overlap of words into meaning in different contexts.

Digital information is basically digital DNA. I think the internet itself represents a shift in conscious that can lead to many new directions of the human experience 3.0 really.

given the stone age lasted and in some casts, even has lasted into the current era

bronze to steel, industrial to information

natural and unnatural selection at work and play

it all comes down to what laws and code we chose to obey and which we are required to obey to be a full and free member of our respective nations

remembering always

what price has been paid for those freedoms

and we owe it to those people to never allow some historical events to repeat themselves.

Source of Inspiration

You must live within
the laws of this world
for you have come here
to have experiences that
will awaken your consciousness.

Retreat not to the mountain
top except for periods of
renewal. Embrace this life
and live it to its fullest
for in doing so, you trigger
the Source code within.

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science fiction and fantasy

teaches very good moral and ethical values

via reason and logic
what is self evident
rather than fanciful or wishful thinking

I don’t think L Ron was the first fiction writer to invent a religion
won’t be the last one either.


Lab of Evolution

Because of my young friend Apoorva and the topics she and her boyfriend are specializing on, my latest posts have been touching upon Ecology and the environmental concerns that are its corollaries, very important in our life here as Aurovilians.
Human beings usually don’t realize it because it is all happening so naturally, so smoothly, but many new, contemporary concepts, such as Ecology itself, precisely, and the very perception of our interdependence with our Environment, are concepts born of our ongoing evolution: such all-embracing concepts are so vast they could be born only in this last century, from the new consciousness growing in us, vaster than the ordinary human mind we had before.
Conversely, those new concepts have spread rapidly to practically the whole of Humanity, thanks to the technical means most recently invented by this mind of ours, ever vaster now because it is evolving rapidly, under the constant…

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Elvis was a revolution in sexuality across the spectrum