Fall 2012 garden update

the take away

is sadly just beyond most people’s grasp

but I think some people are realizing that there’s a reason why it’s experts that are speaking to the choir so to speak

there’s a reason why people do understand the mechanisms of the earth’s ways and what our impact is

we need to clean up our own back yard
not wait for divine intervention to reset the world back to factory settings

because really, what’s the incentive to do that?

we don’t learn to be mature stewards of the world we are privledged to live in unless we address the problems that we create for ourselves

but more importantly, the ones that we create for others by our choices

Source of Inspiration

The magic of the compost
pile fascinates me. No
matter what I throw into
it, its alchemy turns it
into life giving dark earth
as long as I give it only that
which comes from nature. If
I fill it with man-made objects
it stops and gives nothing. What
is the lesson, folks?

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