Women are natural multi-taskers because we tend towards socialized non-linear thinking.

We put others before ourselves, generally and culturally speaking

Whereas, men are linear, self first group second, because that’s culturally how males are valued and thus reared.

but pat’s correct, multi-tasking in a work environement, working harder with less resources and fewer compentant other staff around.

That’s giving permission to be treated like interchangeable cogs or more honestly slaves. as horrifying a concept as that is.

But honestly, being a wage slave or having a poverty driven military draft….

who does that benefit but the owners of the “company”. right?

working smarter not harder, in accordance to the recognition and respect for you and your work output.

don’t sell your soul to the company store.

Source of Inspiration

Do  more faster,
the ad said. I am
waiting for one
that says: One thing
at a time, done with
loving care.

Multitasking is for
slaves. Never saw a
humming bird trying
to do more that one
thing at a time.

Think I’ll specialize
in naps, everyone should
be good at something.

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