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The acute coastal erosion problem we are facing here has made me discover the heavy responsibility of the ports everywhere in setting up the erosion process, by interrupting the natural flow of sand that normally replenishes the beaches along the coasts all year long. The accelerated beach erosion noticed in the last decades on most coasts of the world is usually blamed on the sea level rising due to the so-called ‘global warming’, but actually the main cause of the erosion is the blind, avid multiplication and expansion of ports, done in most cases without applying the measures that would protect the beaches.
Humanity obviously needs both ports and beaches, so a balance must be re-established and kept between the two for the true overall benefit of the Earth’s populations.

But this would be only the first step needed, the first and most urgent problem being addressed; another one is…

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  1. in addition to the increased alterations done to shorelines and rivers to create ports, there’s also the issue of managing the river.

    certainly the lessons from Katrina have not been applied – that the US engineer core has interfered with the natural flow of soil to the gulf

    so that the wetlands are not replenished, but actually shrinking, means more severe damage as hurricanes go from water to land, without the wetlands to disrupt the water uptake process

    in terms of ports, widening rivers, controlling flooding and sediment, all these have impacts on the erosion of shoreline and the wildlife, especially in spawning rivers…

    & just the erosion, but the pollutants from fuel stations, leaks from vessels, intentional dumping of waste – disruption to wildlife owing to the noise pollution of ships –

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