Suffer the children? Fuck that

7 thoughts on “Suffer the children? Fuck that

  1. please…give me a break…I’ve seen her work closely in India…she cared for leprosy patients like no one else ever could. for her service to thousands of needy, I don’t care what her religion was. its good to question motives but there is a thin line between skepticism and stupidity. Trashing or doubting Mother Teresa is the latter.

    • Well you are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine

      that she may have helped some people does not make up for the greater horrors she contributed to

      and going by her own handwritten letters, that she didn’t even have the courage of her convictions

      yet, she did all the things she did anyway.

      ANd yeah, she did care for people like no one else. But I am not meaning that as a positive.

      She warehoused people without medical care in her hospices and when she was dying, she went to an actual hospital.

      so. I guess her places of care weren’t good enough for her?

      • she did that because hospitals in India were in ruins! you could not get any good cure there and leprosy patients were and are still treated as untouchables. In India, our hospitals in the area she was setting up, are worse than garbage bins. In those conditions, her “warehouse” were the need of the hour.

        Thank you for accepting our freedom to express our opinions.

    • There’s a very broad line between looking at a small detail and extrapolating that to be a truth about the whole

      and looking at something from the biggest possible picture and seeing it as a part of a larger whole

      the trunk tells you little about the elephant, but watching the whole regional habitat…….

    • I would appreciate in future that you disagree with my statements with rational and explaination

      not merely express a value judgement that I am stupid for holding or stating them. that contributes nothing to the discussion and erodes you

      your subjective judgmental view does not alter the facts, validity or clarity of my statement.

      and it certainly does not reflect well on you or create credibility for your commentary

      • there can be no logical reasoning to counter misinformation. The comment was on the views presented in this particular post and not on you.

        I appreciate your feedback and next time I shall be careful in wording my response. Thanks!

        • nothing that I said was misinformation

          labeling it so because it offends you

          does not make it so

          the medical journal The Lancet was reporting concerns over the lack of doctors, trained nurses and medication as far back as the 1970s

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