that’s a shocker.

honestly, poetry is a heightened and economical expression
formats are cultural literary conventions
it’s about the relationship between the artist-creator
and the audience who experiences the textual event

by reading or listening
which is why format is not the determinative

listening was the common means of experiencing poetic works

so funny that someone so rigid in the rules arising from the history of literature around the world, would fail to understand that bigger picture concept

I guess that’s the problem with education systems that teach literature and history and science to current events as if they were unrelated means people don’t connect anything to their historical context.

I argued that point a lot in a college poetry/literature class – oh and this particular proff was married to one of canada’s famous poets who was later Canada’s Poet Laurette – George Bowering

so I will say it again.

Whoso List to Hunt is a revenge poem

and knowing the history of the time and the biographies of the people involved.


not all poetry is about love, it’s about life

and it’s about expressing that in a manner that is different from other forms of writing

because poetry is rarefied

you can’t break the rules until you master them – that way, you break them with intention and purpose without breaking the contract or bond/connection with the audience

Source of Inspiration

Someone said my poetry
is not poetry, pondering
perhaps, even prayer, but
not poetry. I took exception
to this, and since have wondered
what poetry really is. Formal
definitions abound, but
leave me still wondering.

P ersonal perceptions
O pen observations
E ternal longing
T aking liberty with language
R ipening of ideas
Y eilding fresh views

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