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Because there’s no upside to engaging with people who dismiss you or diminish what you are trying to explain or share.

Not the Jackass Whisperer.


Living Well

Dearest Readers


Being an agoraphobic with social anxiety and panic disorders still has it’s social challenges.

While there is certainly more control of online relationships – it’s very easy to block people you have no reason to deal with on Facebook after all.
You will still from time to time come into contact with people there’s no reason to talk to.


Random Stranger encounters do not have to be upsetting in any way, because random strangers are simply not relevant to you or your self management. so when you encounter a person who is less than supportive or who is not capable of communicating with you in a manner that is meaningful or interesting – it’s a very simple matter to leave the conversation.


Either simply stop posting or find a civil way to exit – and to my mind, leaving a conversation by backing out be…

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