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A society without mercy, charity and peace
is destined to exploitation and destruction.

The actuality is people are not equal. Some
are strong, intelligent, talented, virtuous,
wealthy, competent, wise. Others are foolish,
ignorant, lazy, weak, dishonest, immoral.

Should this latter group be eliminated to
avoid weakening society? Genocide is alive
and well today and throughout history. The
weak have been exploited and discarded,
sometimes through plan, other times
through indifference.

If those who wish to “improve” the world want
to do away with the leaches of society, will
they also destroy the opportunities to learn
mercy, charity, and peace?

Where do we draw the line? Life is fickle. At
any moment the strong could become weak and
 need mercy and charity. There are lessons to be
learned by all.

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Memorium; Debbie Knowlton-Taylor


I last saw Debbie in 1985 and the section of the short film, the skipping out conversation happened. Debbie did not commit suicide Debbie died in her late 30s from breast cancer.

We corresponded the year before she died and she had a great last year. As much as one can have under the circumstances.


I wrote this script in 1992 and I produced it in 2004. I shot it for around $400, no more than $450 and most of that was catering for the crew and cast. Filmed in a single day in my house and at a nearby school.

The suicide storyline was inspired by another friend from another high school and I am happy to report that she and I had lunch this year and maintain regular contact.

it gets better is not just a project


it is a promise

from any adult who was once a teenager

and from all LBGTQ adults to those teens, we too say it can and does get better.