Recovery Strategy – future visioning, goals and progress measureables

A Dog’s Life

I have 2 dogs, both of them rub their faces intensely on furniture, my girl because she had a medical condition – cataracts then glaucoma – so she rubbed her face for pain relief and eventually connected that behavior with getting attention.

so my boy dog mimics the behaviour and while it seems self evident not, it was something of a curiousity to me, earlier this year, when I basically studied my two dog’s behaviours as a clue to understanding human behaviours – to build my way back from a psychotic break with reality.

I had to make sense of what I could understand and then extrapolate back to the well….

what passes for realty…

anyway, I was looking for the photos of the anatomy of a panic attack and mostly wanted to share these because I think the dog portions are cute images.

Living Well

I drew this in the early part of this year to help me understand the sequence of events that pre-ceed and then occuring during a panic attack.

the bumps represent incidents – more often simply statements from other people that are upsetting – and the number, frequency, intensity and the rapidity of the sequence all play into whether the anxiety hit is turned into a full fledged panic attack.






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