Being a person who has the desire to create is a gift and a burden at times as well. There are some days you are in “the zone” and you are on fire with the desire, the need to create. To create what is bursting to be released from your soul. There are also days when you want to work and your creativity is stuck inside as if it were a geni in a bottle and the cork is solidly blocking the neck of the bottle.

It is important to work hard at developing your artistic voice and equally important to be patient with people who are struggling to find their own voice.

I feel that we can’t really understand all of our work. We create from a place inside which defies even our best attempts to understand it. It is almost impossible for others to understand our work. Many…

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Salt Lake Tribune Endorses President Obama, Says “Romney willing to say anything to get elected”.


I am sharing this because I do stand with Obama. He is the right choice for the middle class, the poor, the disenfranchised and the disabled. I believe in his integrity and question Mitt’s ability to take a firm stand for anyone but the millionaires and billionaires.

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Random Ntrygg to Nina’s Garden – site stats

How we understand things often depends on the context, the pretext, the subtext…

and especially the time line that we use as a frame of reference

where people and conversations go wrong is the gap between the understanding of the parties.

This is the first day – October 20, 2012 that I have been able to look at anything resembling office productivity tools software. Charts, graphics, statistics and trend analysis, mass data compilation towards comprehension devices and images.

I spent 13 years as a federal public service employee collating and analyzing data…

so actually illiterate and functionally illiterate because of trauma

does not mean I actually lost the ability to read and comprehend what was written – and to some degree spoken,


but I didn’t lose my ability to communicate to others. it’s just that no one was indicating that they were listening

so I just kept communicating until someone answered.

in many ways…


in between there are doors