Speaking Truth to Anyone Who’s Listening

Jesus is Lord? Elvis is King

recovery is a process

nature is red in tooth and claw

to live, you have to eat
so in some circumstances
killing is necessary across the living world

but it’s the killing for other reasons than merely eating

especially when it comes to one’s own species.

that we need to question

is it really worth dying
over differences of opinion
of how life began?

Source of Inspiration

Zenera - Sky Pilot (by-sa)


Is killing ever justified? Thou shalt not kill. Does this apply to rats in the house, mosquitoes biting me, a pantry full of weevils, someone attacking with the intent to kill?

In “People of the Lie” (by Scott Peck) we see those who seek to kill the spirit of another. Humiliation, domination, a murderous need to control are the weapons of destruction.

Why does this force of evil even exist? Is it man’s dual nature; are we all capable of this destruction? My quandary is in believing that there is only one Creator. How does a Creator whose matrix is pure love create creatures capable of such destruction? Is that potential for evil a flaw in design, a pawn to make the game more interesting? This seems in contract to the idea of perfect love.

Evil exists, even in only in the world of illusion. My head swims with…

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