Check Check Checking For Reality… Check Check


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The Irresistible (Dis)Grace

For the past few weeks, I’ve cast spells on myself. Even though this is probably a really scintillating tidbit, I won’t go into detail about what all that entails, but I’ll just say that one such spell was that I would no longer feel the need to be right.

This has produced subtle changes in my life, but one of the most interesting changes (if you have kept up with my [dearth of] blogging here or at Wheat & Tares) has been the almost complete silencing of my blogging muse.

One time, my father said to me that I would approach a time when I wouldn’t feel the need to blog anymore. And somehow, I’ve triggered that change in myself…not in a gradual tapering or fading out…but in a relatively abrupt way.

What the hell is happening to me?

Be careful what you wish for…I guess.

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Don’t Just Dream It, Be It

using what you know

writing what you know

being what you know you are

dreams are strategy

actions are tactical plans

don’t just dream it, be it