Public Image and Fan Clubs

2 thoughts on “Public Image and Fan Clubs

  1. I miss being in people respond more to my posts there, because they are all professional writers, regardless of being produced

    zoetrope is a long running free site and the population of the site has dwindled, but there’s still several hundred people and a great place for first time writers to develop both a writer’s skin and improve their skill level

  2. Reblogged this on Living Well and commented:

    When I first started my fan club

    it was not actually to create a public persona or start a publicity campaign to promote myself as a screenwriter, writer, poet, comedian or advice/information person.

    It was really to see to build my self esteem
    reconnect with people that I had known on line for years

    and to a limited way, measure by new members
    what sort of impact that my recovery process had on other people

    well, my official Vancouver’s Most Famous Unproduced Screenwriter fan club didn’t really get any bigger than when I started it – still under 100 people

    but I do have over 200 subscribers to my facebook feed, which in turn feeds 4 of my blogs – so plus the subscribers on each blog

    and some people took the time to write and let me know that what I posted helped them

    some are people I regularly chat with on my timeline
    others I exhange messages or spent time chatting with

    and a few special ones, we phone each other

    so there are many ways to connect to people

    some are only virtual and some become real and meaningful relationships

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