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There’s a lot of confusion as to what an atheist is, even for people who call themselves athiests. I used to think of atheism as a specialty area of skepticism, and now I have realized that in the same way that I do not have to identify myself as an a-unicornist or a-bigfootist, that I also don’t have to identify myself as something that I am not.

Atheism is the moment when you reject religion. There might be stages of atheism, where you reject a particular religion or similar grouping of religions building to all religions or maybe you just don’t accept any part or all of all religions outright.

But, it’s the moment, not a lifetime position or part of your identity. It’ s the moment.

Telling people you’re not a believer – because that what atheism is in sum total – no belief – is like coming out and telling people that you are gay. But gay is part of what makes you you.

So, rather an identify as something that is absent from me, I am a naturalist. I beleive in nature and nature is wonderful and scary all on it’s own, without adding supernatural under or over or throughout it. I am a naturalist and that makes anyone who thinks there’s something other than nature supernaturalists.

In this way, there is no difference between people who accept religion without evidence or ghosts or big foot or anything where there is no reason to accept a positive claim – and proof is required by those who make the claim.

Now, I continue to use atheist to ensure a degree of common reference for discussion purposes, but I am not an atheist – I am a naturalist.

People who want to accept claims that are outside of nature is fine for them, but if they want others to accept their unnatural claims, then bring on the evidence because I have changed the rules of engagement by changing the context of accepting the unnatural claims and defining myself as outside of that – to making the context nature and reality – which makes sense, because claims outside of nature and reality should have the harder position to defend and not be the context for the discussion.

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6 thoughts on “Naturalism

  1. I like how you shift the focus from not believing in a religion (which is essentially supernatural, to follow your trend), to believing in what is in fact natural. it definitely creates a solid argument against blind faith.

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