Three Types of Support – Industry Networking

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02 support and health

01 I fell to peices

02 Silver Screen

03 Can Con

04 Elvis is still the King

Writer Seeks Audience

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Fan Club – Nina’s Oscar Speech Fantasy

01 The Early Years

02 thank yous

03 manners

04 catitude

“Rock and Roll is basically, what it is, it’s basically gospel”

An Elvis Fan among Fans

There are Elvis fans and then are the Super Fans and sadly, there’s also the fanatic fans.

A while back, I did a blog about how difficult it was to be an Elvis fan during the 80’s.

But a rarely talked about aspect of Elvis fandom is actually just dealing with other fans.

and I don’t mean the fringe alivers or other conspiracy adherents. Seriously. Patrick Lacey, hats off to you.

I mean the regular run of the mill fans who seem to think that the normal social rules and exceptions just don’t apply to Elvis – but then, so few people seem to think that normal social convention apply to celebrities or other people with money and power.

Which really isn’t a problem, until it’s a person who thinks that standard social rules no longer apply to them.

The person who is responsible for what happened to Elvis was no one less than Elvis.

He chose to take drugs, he chose to doctor shop, he chose to eat what he ate, and he chose many things.

He chose to not take control of his career. He chose – either by failing to resist or just by caving in – every decision that became a deciding factor in his life.

He was overwhelmed, off balance and he had many legit things to have been aggrieved of his life. But it’s really wrong of fans to blame his Memphis Mafia cronies or Parker or Priscilla.

and the passion which engulfs those flame wars over these long ago events, is astonishing.