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Leveraging Social Media

For anyone who is seeking to establish themselves as a subject matter expert or seeing to advance a career through publicity. social media – blah blah right? well. duh

we all know about it, but what are we actually supposed to do with it?

well, for one. starting a fan club on facebook. even it’s just your friends and immediate peers – posting interesting topics, getting discussions going – will draw more traffic.

then, you just have to be creative.

like this screen shot from my fan club, which is mostly other writers that I have known from various peer review groups, such as and – as well as more recently on facebook,.

Screenwriters and novelists are the participants in the Writer Chat features that span my blogs.

Suzanne Lyon’s Tips on Social Media

Blue Moon – August 31, 2012 – a Tribute to Elvis August 31, 1957


Because this is the book that I read and mentioned to Elvis Sidekicks Joe Esposito and Jerry Schilling.

The only 2 members of the Memphis Mafia that I ever wanted to meet because I read so many Elvis books when I was a kid that I thought that they were the only 2 who were ever really friends with Elvis in a meaningful way.

And you know what happened? They both yelled at me.

I don’t think Elvis would have approved of that.

So you know, I totally sympathize with Elvis on why he fired those other bodyguards.

You don’t get to rough up the fans who were responsible for Elvis success and you sure as fuck don’t do it to fans now either who are keeping Elvis’ memory alive.

Manic Adjustment

I wanted to talk about something about Canada that’s not working for me today.

But circumstances vary day to day and I am feeling a little blue and a little vulnerable – so I can’t talk or even think about what’s not working because I don’t think that I can avoid falling int a pit of despair.

So I am going to go play Fallout: New Vegas – a Post Apocalyptic game with strong cowboy frontier vibes and a Vegas Elvis undertone and go roam the wasteland doing good deed for Pixel People (in game characters) until I feel a little bit better about being in the world and I may be back later today to talk about the Canadian Criminal Justice System and how we have to assure basic personal sovergienty rights to prisoners, but must not allow prisoners to continue to victimize their victims or their victim’s families from inside prison during their incarceration.

Because the point of prison was to allow the public and victims of crime to feel safe in society again – and as long as prisoners – like Clifford Olsen – was allowed to constantly torture and torment the families of his victims and the victims who never had their day in court against him – Olsen was free to continue to entertain himself at the psychological expense of everyone else who’s lives he had already ruined or stolen or tried to take or interfere with.

The purpose of prison is not to allow criminals to set up a base camp to continue their terror campaigns of the public – but to retrain, restore, redress and if necessary, to restrain those that would do harm to vulnerable citizens.

But instead of being a corrective process – prisons have become a government operated Criminal University and Club Fed for when criminal life gets too difficult and you just need to get away and have your life simplified and taken care of for you – until you’re ready to be parolled or released and back to your criminal antics or even bigger ones after study and reflection.

Anyway, I’m off to go roam New Vegas and do some good deeds, even if just for pixel people.