Hillbilly Cat, King of Western Bop, Atomic Powered Singer, King of Rock n Roll, King

Blogdex for Elvis Presley – with articles and reviews on separate lists. Sometimes there’s blogs that will mention Elvis but will use the Elvis Presley category – these will only be for blogs where Elvis is the main theme. I find that he often works as a metaphor in other contexts, but that wouldn’t really be an Elvis blog exactly.


An Elvis Fan among Fans

Elvis is Everywhere

SAVED by the King (living well)

The King is Dead, Long Love The King (Living Well)

Best Elvis BioPic: Elvis Meets Nixon

Elvis Presley to Elvis Presley Enterprises

Elvis the First Metrosexual

Elvis’ Last Recorded Conversation

Is it good to be the king? (Living Well)

Elvis was the First Metrosexual

Duets with Elvis

The Return of the King

Elvis was a Revolution in Sexuality across the Spectrum

RIP Sheila Ryan

Elvis, Equality and Equalization

Elvis the first and last entertainer the whole world agreed on

Blue Moon – August 31

Post Elvis Week 2012 – Thoughts and Reflections (Graceland 1987 vacation photos)

With Broken Hearts, Walk a Mile in my Shoes

The Image is One Thing, The Human Being Another

Elvis and multiculturalism

Billboard Screws with Elvis

Why Elvis is still not given credit as an artist

Elvis Billboard Petition

ETAs vs Impersonator’s

Dr. Murray Guilty

Cooking with Elvis

Elvis’ Little Sister Dies -RIP Patti Parry

Elvis: The Middle Class Rebel

I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive

US Politics: Bachmann a POE?

Elvis and Lenny Bruce

Elvis’ closest call to a political statement

Happy Elvis Death Day

Dead Celebrities

Elvis Conspiracies

Why Nonbelievers and believers can’t talk to each other

Elvis and One Hit Wonders

Measuring Up to Elvis

Elvis: Too Cool to be middle Class

Game Changers

Coming Out Atheist

Elvis vs Artists, Studios and his management

Alpha, Elvis, Omega

Who’s The King

A New LOW in Elvis World

Elvis Fan v Nostalgia Buff

Today vs Yesterday

Elvis – Alone in Despair

In the Good Ol Days

Elvis’ Cultural Impact

Elvis in the US Army

Idle Idols

Why Elvis remains the bar

Challenges of being an Elvis fan

Elvis the new religion

Box Set: Young Man with a Big Beat

Box Set: Elvis 77: Final Curtain

Single: Suspicious Minds

Books: Death of Elvis

Books: Best and Worst

Books: Elvis My Best Man by George Klein and Genuine Elvis by Ronnie McDowel

Book: Baby Let’s Play House – Alanna Nash

3 thoughts on “Elvis

  1. Do you have this link…seven hours of Elvis singing gospel music. He first started in churches and I remember him first for his gospel music which I always love. hugs, pat

    • Thank you Pat!

      Yes. I not only have the link, but I have these songs several times in my Elvis collection of LPs and CDs.

      Funny to think that if Elvis had had his dream come true, he might just have been a singer in the Blackwood Brothers quartet.

  2. Just a note about the poll – to be King – the person would have to have:

    1. been able to reach the mainstream audience;

    2. be considered one of their own by a teen-aged audience (which is why Bill Haley and Carl Perkins were left off – both were middle aged married men…);

    3. Be completely different than other performers musically and performance style; and

    4. have a unique look.

    Funnily enough, recording or trying to record at Sun records, wouldn’t be a qualification, but it certainly seemed to attract more than it’s share of the early rockers.

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