Blogdex for posts that are more ranging in topics, politics, morals, sex, social improvements, not entirely naturalism related, but often linked

The Door Policy (parenting and predators)

Ohhhhhh Canaduh

equal equality equivalency (e3/time)

Painful Essence Reduction

The personal is political (Living Well)

Workplace Violence

Wasn’t Digital Supposed to Stop this kind of thing?

Born What Way?

Purpose in life

Thinking in Relationships

Ideal Hearts

We could end bigotry and oppression overnight

It Would be Funny (Swiftian)

Bountiful is Canada’s Emerging Jonestown

Being Curious Compassion

Human Rights Arrested

Senior Asks to Die with Dignity

Existential Universe 2

Polyamory vs Polygamy

Victims feel shame, Abusers don’t

Curious Compassion

Secular World Realization

Language Rights Notwithstanding


Building a better Diabetic aka Health Device

Trauma Revelation

Better Diabetes management devices

Getting Over It

Collective Psychological Wellness

Break it Down – Canada should welcome Gay Immigrants

Spirit Level: Equality is Better

I love you Pat Martin, NDP MP for Winnipeg

Why Canada Rules

Why Not Fix It Now

Moral Morality

The Shut-In Stand Up Blog

What does it mean to grow up?

Workplace Bullying Legislative Watch

A&W Grandma Burger

Will Jeremy Take out Rick Perry?

Gallery – Misc images

The Eternal Question


Warren Buffet for President of USA

David Milgaard charged with spousal assault

National Geographic – My Gallery

Bigotry and Bullying

Circle of Life Doesn’t Have to be Abusive

Civilization: Rise and Fall

Conservatives and Criminals

Discriminating Business

Things to Never Talk About

Dear George Lucas

Insight to remain open

From Owning to Accessing

Living on a Human Scale – Star Trek Style

Han Shot First

There be Monsters, but who makes them

Good Riddance to Clifford Olson, child killer

US Politics: Bachman a POE?

Learning from the Movies

Sexual Censorship

Existential Angst and Non-Self


Stop Coddling the Rich

Critical Compassion

Republican to Rethuglican

Mirror Mirror

Language Expresses Culture

Yes, it’s creepy

When racism isn’t racist

Forbidden Words

Being Fat

Chance Encounters

No More…

Toplessness in Canada

Sexual Censorship

Forgiveness II




Globally Competitive

Asshole Pride

Imposing Your Will Upon Others


Irony Meters


Winning and Losing


Jocks vs Smocks

Help to oppose infant male circumcision

Much Ado about the Obvious

What meaning has meaning?

Existentially Yours

Optimist/Pessimist vs Positive/Negative

Rape Insurance

Victim vs Victimizer


Self worth

Common Good vs Greater Good

Path of Least Resistance

Addiction and personal responsibility

Civil War 2.0

Advancement of Rights

Unstoppable and Unmoveable

With All Due Respect

Canada Election 2011

How to Stop Holding Yourself Back

US Civil War rages on

An Existential Universe

Patriotism – Canada vs USA

Leaders and Dictators

Melting Pots and Mosaics

Game Changers

Why Good People do Evil

Who Really Benefits from Abortion Clinics?

Evergreen Guide for Undecided Voters

How Individuals Bring Social Change

The Problem with Common Sense

Counting Who Votes

Perception of Openmindedness

Canada in a UK/US Sandwich

Liberating Libya

Cost of Ignorance

It’s not easy being green


Placebo Reality

Humour Poll

Freedom of Expression

Dead Celebrities

Grand Unification Theory of Everything

What I Learned from Playing Video Games

Homeopathy is Homeobunk



Legal Prostitution is Coming to Canada

Supporting Your Support

Canada’s Prince of Pot

Survival Instinct Has Died

How is this Justice?

Cyclists Need to Pick

The War Dead

Our Brain Reward System

NDEs, Aliens and Satanic Ritual Abuse

The Good Ol’Days

Understanding Each Other

Schoolyard Code

Children die while the G8 fiddles

Rethinking Capitalism

Arts vs Crafts

Because We Can’t Always Chose…Not..To Kill..Today

Assimilation, Identity and Tolerance

Brains, Sense of Self, Coma Patients

The Right and Left are closer than you think

Disasters, Politics and Religion

Unequal Footing

When Did Drivers Become the New Smokers?

Public Service and Taxpayers

Going for the Dream Movies

What’s A Pension Worth?

Why Does It Matter How Other People Have It?

Security VS The Appearance of

Longest Running TV Shows

Panhandlers are ruining Social Interactions

Open or Closed?

Does Discrimination Lead to Terrorism?

Engineering – Ancient vs Modern

Medic Alert Tattoos

Open Minded

Worker Entitlements and Management Treatment

Celebrities and Sex Crimes

Death Panels


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