Santorum – that frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that occurs with anal sex.

and the dude is worse because he has a dead baby fetish. seriously – google it – he kept his dead baby for several days at home and took family portraits with it.

that is disturbed. do not make a fetish of death.
but more importantly, don’t vote for people who have death fetishes
because they are the ones who tend to start wars
and will send You or your children off to die in them
while they stay home and their children do not go to war

and anyone who goes out of their way to claim to be moral in public
is the kinkiest, most perverted person in private
because the only thing they are bothered by
re people who are honest enough to do what they wish they had the balls or boobs or brains or integrity to do.

I am a lesbian, I am a science fiction geek and I am a kinky person. Proud to be honest and public about that. so now you know that in private, I am deeply moral and decent.

Love Conquers all – Even Haters


If you read or watch, it’s pornography – but when I read or watch the same thing it’s erotica.

This seems to be the attitude of a lot of folks who are bizarrely concerned about what kind and with whom other people are having sex.

I think that, unless you’re invited and as long as it’s consenting adults, that it’s no one business what other people do, with what and to whom.

I find it very funny how the religious righteous are constantly crying about gays and lesbians “ramming” sex down the public’s throats – when it’s actually the religious righteous who are obsessed with all the gay sex that they are allegedly not having themselves.

Because for people who are supposedly not having gay sex, kinky sex, anal sex, threesomes, foursomes and moresomes – they sure spend a lot of time thinking about it.

Way more time than people who freely admit to being gay or kinky think about gay or kinky sex.

And, if the religious righteous doesn’t want non-straight non-missionary sex in the public sphere, why do they keep bringing it up?

Unless there’s non-consent, force or children or animals involved – it is not in society’s interest to regulate or monitor sex. It’s costly, time consuming and not at all enforceable. It makes law and law makers foolish.

The only reason I can see to be interested in what other people are doing sexually, is if you’re looking for improvement tips or suggestions.

Just because there’s things that I am not interested in trying doesn’t make them disgusting to the point where I should demand that activity, prop, costume or position be banned and the enjoyers of it shunned.

I can only think that the reason the religious righteous are so wanting to control other people’s sex is that they are doing something worse themselves.

It gets back to that – if you consider ordering a salad with dinner, your brain rewards you and that lets you order the fries instead.

The “quote” at the top is actually mine and something that I’ve used in conversation with men who want to understand why women think there’s a difference between erotica and porn.

The reality is that anything can be either – from sex videos to the newest Ikea Catalog.

Anything that titillates you is erotica and it becomes porn when it changes from two handed reading to one handed…..