Writer Chat 67 Equality and the Social Contract


A Dog’s Life

I have 2 dogs, both of them rub their faces intensely on furniture, my girl because she had a medical condition – cataracts then glaucoma – so she rubbed her face for pain relief and eventually connected that behavior with getting attention.

so my boy dog mimics the behaviour and while it seems self evident not, it was something of a curiousity to me, earlier this year, when I basically studied my two dog’s behaviours as a clue to understanding human behaviours – to build my way back from a psychotic break with reality.

I had to make sense of what I could understand and then extrapolate back to the well….

what passes for realty…

anyway, I was looking for the photos of the anatomy of a panic attack and mostly wanted to share these because I think the dog portions are cute images.


Something Real

I posted this over a year ago – calling for more civil interactions on a main board of a free membership artists peer review website…


There is something very real that I would like to share about myself and http://www.zoetrope.com  (a peer review site for screenwriters – but also other film related artists as well)

I’ve been a member for I don’t know how long and I’ve read enough scripts that the last time I looked, last year, I was still in the top 10 readers in screenplays and I don’t remember what year I last reviewed anyone’s scripts so I expect that there’s a lot of people who have no clue who I am and those who do, have no idea of what I’ve become post abyss

Well, actually a top 10 reviewer by numbers in a lot of the buildings here that I very well may be the person who’s reviewed more material than anyone. I might not, depends on how you count. Doesn’t matter.

I know how rough these board can be, and I am capable as anyone of being venomous.

But here’s what I know. It’s a cut-throat’s world anywhere you care to look.

But that doesn’t mean that we have to be that way to each other – especially not when any of us reach out with vulnerability – because that’s what posting a logline is.

Heck even asking the eternal brad question is apparently cause for a flame war.

There are no honestly asked stupid questions. So save the venom for the dishonest people who deserve it.

If naivete annoys you, ignore it. It doesn’t cost you anything.

Maybe if you stopped feeling so bad about other people, you could feel better about yourself instead of feeling bad feelings all the time. No sense stewing yourself in your own hormonal juices for nothing.

Let the little shit that doesn’t have to bother you, just not bother you.

Save it for the things you can influence, and spare up the runtime for figuring out positive and passionate ways to bring about the changes that would make you happy more