Religious Authority

Funny that religions all promote and worship the hierarchy of authority – specifically their own authority.

But, if they actually obeyed “authority,” there not only wouldn’t be so many religions; but, more importantly,  so many different versions of the same religion.

Looking just at Christianity, the Catholic Church  is the oldest still active version of xtianity.

So all the other versions, no matter how fundamental – have broken the most important rule – in letter and spirit (holy or otherwise) – to obey all levels of Authority by breaking away and forming their own new subgroup that doesn’t recognize the original authority they previously worshiped.

Once you break that rule, why cling so hard to the intolerance that fundie religions promote and demand worship of the authority of the new break away sect?

More than that, how can you break away from Authority, and the create your own authority structure that you insist is the “true” one that must be obeyed unquestioningly.