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Spring is nature’s natural high – everything explodes with colour, with sex, with creativity – spring is heady and the time for not only frothy good times, but also to shake off the winter hermiting of introspection, reading and catching … Continue reading

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Mom’s Garden in Fall


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An Update to Mom’s Garden. The strawberry circle is overflowing with runners – you can’t see the top 2 layers of rock/bed anymore. The Fuchsia are lush with huge gaudy blooms while the hydrangea turn wine coloured to shut down … Continue reading

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Rainy Garden Days


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I love the fall season of the garden – there’s so much to do – collecting seeds, dead heading, trimming, shutting down parts for winter but enjoying the lush flowers that bloom in fall too. Plus, the ever present Vancouver … Continue reading

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How do the flowers grow….

Yellow sunny pansies

Another garden update – and I start with pansies because they are pretty much my favorite and I have them everywhere in the yard.

bachelor buttons and a bee

more bachelor buttons and the same bee

cool hanging basket plant

We have no idea what it is – probably some kind of petunia – there wasn’t a tag and mostly we bought it because the colours really popped.

ready for my close up

apparently these and the blue one are Japanese Anenomies

Blooms needing deadheading around Ogo Pogo

rock garden pink flower and bee

I am very fond of bees, so am thrilled to find them. We used to have a wild mason bee colony, but they only stay in one place for a year – then the colony dies off and the queen goes to found a new one. Mason bees are the very fuzzy ones. This one isn’t a Mason, but it’s still a cool bee with a lot of pollen on it’s legs.

purple and lavender pansies - or violas, I forget which

garden decor

I had bought this neat terra cotta flower pot and it was a smiling face – but the problem with unglazed pottery is it gets wet, and then it freezes, and then the ice shreds it apart as the cycle of freeze thaw happens. Unless you’re good and move the pots to where they don’t get wet over winter. I am not that good, so I end up using the pieces of pottery as decoration in the garden.


Pink estilby

These are two new additions this weekend.

and purple of course

I tend to be attracted the what I call the bruise colours – purples, blacks, blues, reds, pinks, yellows – we’re trying to add more variety, but we always come back to these colours.

purple columbine - another new plant

pinks with a tiny glimpse of snapdragon

the pink tulips will also need deadheading soon

Gorgeous until the end, though. Funny that the organge/purple tulips that bloomed later are already finished their run and these had bloomed sooner.

rock garden has a nice diversity of colour

the red chicks n hens

When we had these mixed in the barrel pots, the green chicks n hens really crowded out the red ones – now that they are separated on the rock garden, I’m hoping the reds will do a bit better.