Oh WAKE UP Canada

Think of everyone’s child and remember, that’s what we all are.

Facebook’s Community Standards

Now I comment negatively about Facebook from time to time on Facebook itself and on my blogs. So here’s why – the community standards on Facebook are fucking appalling.

I am not talking about the list of rules that they have and do nothing in their programming to enforce, like using obbious keywords to prevent the create of many hate pages so that they don’t gain a following or force people to have to police what’s supposed to be social media.

How users leverage a platform is the responsibility of the provider to create a safe and legitimate use of the resources. And given that anything on the interest is going to cross many cultural boundaries, then it’s the responsibility of everyone to be on company behaviour, because you are representing your nation to the world.

We are each amabassadors for our nation, for our group characteristics that we share demographically and I have to say that the way people who belong to one group, really can taint how people view you compared to their experience of your group.

Because you know what I have been the most shocked by on Facebook?

it’s meeting people who are nice Christians. because most of you are so delusiional about what it means to be christian, what it’s like to have to live with christians – seriously, I used to be appalled at the Romans for the whole gladiator to the lions thing, but I totally sympathize with them because you people are collectively really intolernant buzz kills that suck all the love and enjoyment of life out of the room. you should learn to love your fellow people and less about your god, and maybe you’ll all relax and learn to like and love yourselfs and stop demanding such a high level of compliance to a behavioural code that most of you are constantly failing the every standard that you set.

so stop wondering why there’s fewer and fewer people being nice to you guys and your religion.

and that resistance to you spreading the word isn’t hate or resistance to you as a person, but a rejection of what you are selling, your religion is a poor competitor in the marketplace of ideas.

the world is more literate and people are better educated and exposed to a much larger and grander world than you religion contemplates or allows you to experience and more is the pitty to you, who limit your exposure and experience of the earth and all it’s cultures

you impoverish yourselves by not learning and by choosing willful ignorance and think that’s not arrogant because you play so small, you really have no basis for comparison.

that makes me sad for you, but your wounds are self inflicted and you are not entitled to act out against that kind of wound in anger and intolerance of others on a different path, on a different level of socialization and engagement with the world than you allow yourself.

so. if you want to sell your religion, then set a better example of the kind of person your religion creates.

Sally’s Last Ride

I understand that her being a role model for women to get into the sciences was enough of a challenge for her career.

But how much could she have spared her partner and the queer community – if she had come out after her space flight – a sad recognition of reality that is – and been a vocal support of equality too?
the more people who are out, the more society sees who much gays and lesbians and non-heteronormative people have to offer and contribute.

I do not supporting outing celebrities in any area – only politicians who publically are against what they do in private.

but having prominent gays and lesbians in non-entertainment or sports fields is in many ways, more important to show the true diversity of our community and how we are part of the full range of society.

I was a social activist for many years and for 13, I was a Federal Government of Canada employee.
In 7 departments, I was the only OUT AND VOCAL lesbian – but I was not the only gay person – there were many managers at all levels who were gay or lesbians and they did not find it safe to be out.
So if Senior Managers cannot be out – that says everything we need to know about how safe it is for rank and file employees – and it doesn;t matter what the law or policies say

when there is no will or effort to enforce or embrace them

people in groups will act as the lowest common denominator – it’s why there is so much bullying – might does not make right, might is just about being righteous.