Recovery Strategy – future visioning, goals and progress measureables

If we’re repeating the 50s in Canada, where’s our Elvis?

Random Ntrygg Reprise


Opinions vs nuanced understanding of matters

seriously, never prove you are a fool – and really, I don’t know why I entertain myself with these people – oh right – to show my readers how to identify fools so you can avoid them yourselves!

Nina suffers fools for education and entertainment purposes only! and not at all gladly.

ah sweet victory and then bored now! LOL



New to the Blogroll: Sharon Love

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Nina is too smart to work for government after 13 years of technically doing just that

Canada Government Waste:

Phone call from the Canada Revenue Agency – 10 mins

salary dollars of the employee estimated $25

call regarding a company that I shut down THREE YEARS AGO

never filed a Goods and Services Tax rebate claim for
never filed corporate income tax since there was never income
I re-registered this PROVINCIAL COMPANY three years ago.


They are going to mail me a form (so more salary and postal cost)

that I can for a second time, de-register the company

and mail back the form

for more salary dollars in processing time

so much for accessible government on line

or effectively using the working hours of the Federal Civil Service to serve Canadians

way to go PM Stephen Harper – for so demoralizing the public service of Canada and failing to continue the technological advances begun under the former Liberal government.

that would have made the public service more responsive to Canadians and allowed civil service employees to do meaningful and significant work at each employee’s best capacity.

you know, what the Treasury Board Rules say is supposed to happen and micro managers do not allow to happen

because conservatives – especially the law and order ones – think that the existing civil laws – like the Charter of Rights – do not apply to them.