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Ethics from logic are self evident



“No responsible person would suggest that we abandon our concern for those fellow human beings who, unable to make provision for themselves, must depend on us. Nor do any of us think that we can fulfill our responsibility by grudgingly offering bare subsistence. Human compassion and simple brotherhood demands that where there is need, we should do our utmost to provide some of the comforts that make life worthwhile. But this should be in response to real need, and where the need is temporary, the help should be temporary, aimed at restoring self sufficiency. Working men and women should not be asked to bear the additional burden of providing for some segment of society capable of caring for itself, but which prefers making welfare a way of life, freeloading at the expense of these more conscientious citizens.”
Ronald Reagan

It’s telling that the current field of GOP candidates makes Ronald Reagan, a man instrumental in the rise of the so called moral majority and the dumbing down of the presidency, seem like an elder statesman with his down hominess common sense.