Return of the King

Save me from your followers, Jesus

Demographics and discrimination

I had written this for another discussion group, but it seems fitting to add to this one:


when religion forms part of a person’s identity, it’s a dangerous thing to put aside and not consider in your assessment of them. getting to know an individual is a good thing, but putting them in their culture context, will put you a lot further ahead in really understanding what is at play for them in the world – this is the advantage of being multi-cultural – you don’t start with the assumption that all people are the same – because groups are distinct and they have different values and shared assumptions – understanding the group dynamics and mechanics then allows you to better understand the individuals – how the collective experience impacts them and how they position themselves within their group and then in society at large.

when religion forms part of their belief system and approach to life, then it’s clear about how they view themselves and their importance and people with a messiah complex, are very dangerous and the number of rapturists in America is very concerning – it’s as if they want the world to end on their watch. so that explains a lot of the open hatred and calls for genocide of gays and lesbians in America – luckily – people who are like that are so convinced of the rightness of their cause that they have no qualms about openly saying thus and so – and sunshine is the best sanitizer and why atheism, no particular or personal spiritualism is replacing organized religion.