True Story…Testify

Conspiracy Theories

If all the conspiracy theories were true or all the real conspiracies were known; would knowing which were true and knowing them to be true, make any difference?

Conspiracy Theories seems to do little more than make the proponent appear as someone with inside knowledge.

Would knowing what “really” happened on 9/11 change anything?

Would it make Americans demand a new form of government? No.

Would it prevent future conspiracies? No.

Conspiracy theories of shadowy governments or agents of shadowy governments or private interest groups, be they business or religion oriented, do little more than create an industry of distraction – it consumes people to the point that casual belief that the US government killed JFK has turned 9/11 Truthers into a unified group who maintains vigils on par with the Roswell UFO Buffs.

These people spend money and time chasing shadows and not living their lives.

If what they believed was not only true, but admitted to be.

What would change? Nothing.

So there’s no sense in living your life around a conspiracy theory any more than there’s sense in living your life according to a religious theory.

You just end up not living your own life.


Religion is a conspiracy theory

That every culture has come up with their own religion and deities does demonstrate that gods are human inventions, no different than Santa Claus and the boogey man – fictional characters meant to stand as enforcement of behaviour by providing a reward/punishment that is beyond the scope of the parents – who can only reward and punish behaviors that they become aware of; while Santa, boogey man, god and all other supernatural creatures are constantly aware and vigilant.

That all cultures have invented gods and religion, speaks to how effective a means that religion is to control thought and behaviour. Especially evidenced by how believers become active participants in the control mechanism by embracing it and touting it as true – despite the utter lack of evidence.

Religion is the ultimate conspiracy theory, in which the lack of evidence for is claimed as evidence of and the idea is against not only all evidence, but also logic, history and reason.

And like conspiracy theories, facts, evidence and reality to the contrary of the pet theory, does not dissuade believers – it only reinforces their confirmation bias as believing contrary to evidence, is what faith essentially is.